Monday, January 01, 2007

R.I.P. Lord Lampton 1922 - 2006

Today I’m mourning the death of Lord Lampton who has died at the age of 84, He was a Conservative Health Minister in Ted Heath’s Government and had to resign after he was photographed Smoking Dope in bed with two working girls (prostitutes to you).
When asked about it on air by Robin Day he said.
"I think that people sometimes like variety. I think it's as simple as that and I think that impulse is probably understood by almost everybody. Don't you?"
Which is a posh way of saying, “No I’m not sorry really and I had a good time”.
After his resignation Lambton decided he’d had enough of English hypocrisy and moved to Italy where he has lived ever since.
If I hadn’t given up drinking for New Year I’d be raising a glass to you today sir.
(thanks to Ian Dale for info and pic)


Anonymous Dak said...

I can vaguely remember the guy, but had forgotten the detail of this story.

His refusal to take up Robin Day's clear invitation to the "hypocrite's quick-step" deserves more admiration than all the mealy-mouthed recanting of all those politicos who've been caught with their hands in the medicine cabinet or non-marital panties, put together.
Good on him. Glad he had a degree of longevity, too.

6:22 pm  
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