Wednesday, December 20, 2006

United Utilities get it right.

United Utilities (for it is they) are going to build a massive water tank under St Georges square right in the middle of Barrow, to take surplus flood and storm overflows. It’s going to be the size of five Olympic swimming pools and will involve closing Abbey Road (The main road into the town) for three months.The access tunnel alone will stretch all the way from Coronation Gardens! It strikes me as a pretty huge and expensive project; which you wouldn’t undertake unless you thought you were really going to need it, at least it’s good to see someone taking the reality of climate change seriously, maybe we should just take to the hills and higher ground now.

Uncomfortable questions I can’t seem to get an answer to: part 1
Q: What’s going to happen to Sellafield nuclear plant if the sea level rises?
A: ?


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