Sunday, December 10, 2006

Trident desicion

Living where I do (Barrow-in-Furness) we greet the news about Trident renewal with mixed feelings, maybe we ought to resign en masse on moral grounds, and then have to go home and tell our wives and kids that Christmas is cancelled this year. And the work would simply go abroad.

Warships are what we’ve always made, we know nothing else. There’s been a half hearted attempt to attract tourists to the are, talk of building a marina etc, but we’re kidding ourselves really.

Without nuclear subs we’re a ghost town.

We already have a huge drug problem in the town; any further downtrend in its fortunes could only make an appalling situation worse.

But then having said all this I was a member of CND in the seventies and eighties and still feel basically the same.

What with the nuclear subs and warheads, along with living next door to one of the most dangerous nuclear facility in Europe, it’s a wonder we don’t all glow in the dark!

The incidence of cancers among both men and women are higher here than anywhere else, and we live in one of the worst leukemia clusters in Britain.


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