Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year Revolutions

I’ve resolved to try and stop drinking (again) for New Year, so I’ve been getting myself ready. My drinking resembles an ocean liner; insomuch as it can’t just be stopped and turned round on a sixpence, if you want to stop at some specific place in time you have to start slamming the anchors on way back, slowly cutting down and withdrawing, otherwise I’ll just throw myself into DT’s which can be really dangerous (one out of every ten episodes of delirium tremens are fatal, and I’ve been in ‘The Nightmare Zone’ so many times over the years; I daren’t push my luck any farther)
I’ve fallen off the wagon and had to pull myself up by my bootstraps so often now that I’m getting used to the pattern, three or four sleepless shaky nights, then you just fall asleep out of sheer exhaustion; having really weird vivid dreams for a couple of nights, then you wake up one blessed morning feeling really good unable to think why at first, then it clicks, you haven’t got a hangover and actually feel like a human, you bounce out of bed whistling wanting to kiss the postman etc.
I’m at that point now, so feel cautiously confident about Monday.
Wish me luck I’m going to need it.


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