Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm trying to be cheerfull, but it's not easy.

I’ve noticed that when I drop a cube of ice into my ex-wife’s glass of vodka and plasma as it melts, the level of liquid in the glass doesn’t rise!
The liquid increase in the glass is compensated by the shrinkage in volume of the ice cube as it melts.
Surely then doesn’t this give the lie to the claim of massive sea level rises as the north south pole Antarctica etc melts?
Ah yes said my (more brainy than me) friend, but if you drop a cube of ice in to the glass the level will rise, the ice that is already beneath sea level won’t affect the level but the Ice above it as it descends into the sea will!
Oh well, I was hoping that Andy’s mam; and I whilst sitting wasting ourselves in some hostelry had stumbled upon a flaw in the doomsayers prophesies. Not so, we’re all going to die, and it’s going to be one hell of a lot sooner than you all think.
No one seems to realise how quickly these things accelerate, I used to play a game in jail to win money from the other cons, taking a chess board I’d put on penny on the first square, and then look for a likely victim, choosing him I’d say which would you rather have? £15million, or, one penny for the first square, two for the second, four for the next, eight for the next, and so on, doubling up every time, the board only has thirty two squares.
Sure enough the guy would look at the board, look at me (weighing up if I was crazy) and then go for the £15million every time.
The truth is that once every square has been filled you’ve got several times more than his paltry £15 million. This won me a lot of tobacco (and a few black eyes) but I think the western governments are behaving just the same as my fellow cons.
We aren’t going to be in serious environmental trouble in our grandchildren’s lifetimes, nor our children’s but ours, and I’m pretty old; with ten years or less left!
Unfortunately there’s nothing to be done about it, to make any kind of headway at all with the environment would involve international co-operation which simply isn’t going to happen, not before it’s too late anyway.
Merry Christmas.


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