Wednesday, December 20, 2006

He's not even from Barrow

I see that Mr. Hutton is, (amongst his other draconian plans) going to cut the benefit of the long term unemployed, and you can bet your boots he’s going to start with his own constituency, his idea is that by cutting peoples benefit and leaving them penniless he is ‘helping them back to work’! I’ve got news for you John there are no jobs up here, taking away peoples benefit isn’t helping them to work It’s simply helping them to starve, maybe the truly enterprising/desperate amongst us will be able to start drug dealing, prostitution or turn to crime in some other way to try and pay the bills and feed our families, but mainly we are just going to suffer.
It’s pretty obvious what Johns agenda is, he’s busily scrambling up the greasy pole with his eye on the top job, and he’s keen to show himself to be the man who can be relied upon to do the dirty work, and make the unpopular decisions regardless of how much it hurts his constituents.
Yes; when the chips are down and people are going to have to suffer, John’s your man to make them do it, and you can be sure he’s going to make an example of his own constituency first, so that no tabloid rag can come along in a year or so and expose him for being soft on us whilst hard on those southerners.
One of John’s problems is that he’s always been a staunch Blairite, so what will happen to his career prospects when Gordon (or whoever gets the increasingly poisoned chalice of PM) comes to power remains to be seen.


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