Friday, December 22, 2006

Drunk again!

I got thrown off the Selandia again last night, for being drunk and I’m not complaining about that cos I was, but my complaint is the way they act as if the place was the poshest club in town when everyone knows it’s tatty and shabby and very down-market looking, A while ago my friends and I paid £16 each for a meal in the restaurant and whilst it was ok, it certainly wasn’t worth that much.
My current favorite is the Jade Fountain on Cornwallis street the food’s brilliant and you can eat all you want/whatever you want for a fixed price usually around £12
(When I went in to book a table for my family the other day the lady behind the counter said ”Oh I remember you you’re the bloke who came in drunk and fell asleep with your head on the table!”oops!)


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