Thursday, October 26, 2006



The Americans have a word for it 'Truthiness'it means something that you really wish was true and that if you bury your head in the sand and keep saying it to yourself it may turn out to be true, good examples of ‘Truthiness’ are George Dubya saying that things are going ok in Iraq, that global warming is just a figment of an overheated left wing imagination, Truthiness is when you spin the facts to such an extent that although they might not be able to be pinned down as outright lies, the way they are presented is such that they do not reflect the reality of the situation they describe in any way that can be described as accurate or honest.

An excellent example of ‘Truthiness’ Comes I’m ashamed to say from myself, I drink too much sometimes; and the excuses I give myself for being able to continue drinking with a ‘clear conscience’ are as unbelievable as they are ‘truthy’

“Well there is only one can left in the pack, it would be dumb to put that small amount away ‘I might as well drink it” (It wouldn’t be dumb at all, you put the milk bottle back with three drops left in it !)

“There’s no milk for coffee, I’ll have to have a can of beer instead, (go and buy some milk you lazy sod!)

Truthiness though, shouldn’t be a bigger part of my life than I let it though! It’s bad enough me doing it to myself, without the people around me who are after all supposed to be our trusted representatives, the most sensible honest and reliable members of our society doing it to me!

The people we voted to represent us

But I hear it all around me, the governments idea that cutting people’s benefit off; will magically make jobs appear for them, where there were non before. they call it 'Helping people back to work' I call it 'Truthiness'.


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