Monday, October 23, 2006

"Superb in attack"

It seems at the moment that the Tory’s are all over the web, the left wing and the Labour party in particular seems to be lagging behind; in a medium that they should have made sure was their strong suit.

All the best political blogs are Tory, Ian Dale Guido Fawkes etc etc, even such proudly unreconstructed MP’s as Anne Widdecome not only has her own blog but a ’Widdecam’ too, then of course there’s 18 Doughty street, what has Labour got to even come close?

David Cameron’s web cast was famously parodied lately, but the whole incident reeked of sour grapes, there’s no getting around it the right wing has stolen the new media and made it their bitch, It’s as if the left’s missed a meeting somewhere.

This all goes to Illustrate what’s long been known about the Tories the only way to deal with them is to keep them on the back foot, once they build up a head of steam they become unstoppable, the right are; and always were (Iforget who said it but it wasn't recently) superb in attack mode, it was only a few months ago they themselves were talking of wining not this coming election but possibly the one after that, now they are 6 -4 to win this one!

If Gordon can’t match David during PMQ’s then basically we’re fucked.


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