Friday, October 20, 2006

politics with knobs on

The rising tide of religious fundamentalism is threatening to engulf us, everyone seems obsessed, Bush preaches about being “in the ideological struggle of the 21st century” whilst Dick Cheney exhorts us that “The hopes of the civilized world ride with us”.

It’s a shame they’re not safely tucked away in some back-woods pulpit where you might expect to hear such dumb overheated nonsense, unfortunately for us they’re sitting behind desks in the most powerful political offices in the world.

What’s worse; they seem to be locked into a kind of apocalyptic struggle with an equally powerful yet lame brained opposition, with no hope of a happy or peaceful ending from either side.

The real shame is that they are trying to sell us something we don’t need, like good advertising men; we didn’t know we needed the product they’re selling until they told us we did.

They talk about this empty spiritual craving felt by all those without faith, as if our lives are empty vacuous and worthless without it, the need for this mythical greater love which frankly I don’t feel at all, the advantages of Gods love is, considering he never appears or makes his presence felt in any way at all an easy thing to promise people, if we feel the need to praise and worship something or someone, (as some of us surely do) why not worship our children, spouses, and families, nature, and the wonder of the cosmos. Or will that mean that we’ll have to face up to the reality of the environment and the state of the world, (largely inflicted on us by – you’ve guessed it…religion). Oh well nearly time for prayers.


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