Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Religion is the new politics.

Whilst the government stands accused of not doing enough to win Muslim ‘hearts ands minds’ why I ask you in all seriousness should they?

(It isn’t just Muslims I’m having a go at here; it’s all religions)

Did anyone seriously suggest we should have been winning Nazi hearts and minds? German National Socialism was an extreme right wing regime, but in it’s milder more tolerant forms it was a workable (although pretty intolerant) right wing system, rather like Sharia law when you think about it.

It is only the fanatical loonies who discredit the system and make it into the fearsomely intolerant weapon of hatred it is now, and was in the thirties and early forties.

If Islam was a political system; free from any hint of religion; what would we call it?


A dictatorship?

Dangerously ideological?

All religions are just political systems; hiding behind the skirts of spirituality.

‘Faith’ is tearing the world apart. The sooner we realize it then the sooner we can come to our senses.

If the Nazis had the smarts to peddle their vision as a religion instead of just a political system they’d have probably enslaved the world by now.


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