Sunday, June 18, 2006

Does blowing yourself up mean you'll get your end away?

One of the things I’ve noticed (from the comfort and security of my middle aged armchair) and which I don’t think gets enough prominence and consideration is the reason why the current crop of Islamic ‘suicide bombers/Martyrs’ actually do the things they do.

It seems to me (and to others who’ve considered this question also), that one of the principal engines driving them on to suicide is lust!

It’s the seventy virgins!

That’s what they’re after getting their holy mitts on!

I don’t now what opportunities exist in Muslim countries and societies for people to meet and have any kind of casual, pre-marital sex; I fear that they might not be much.

I don’t now what the Islamic attitude toward masturbation is, but I bet it’s not encouraged.

So what does that leave us with? A society filled with sexually frustrated and repressed young men, idealistic, horny, courageous, and underemployed.

Once you get any group of people to believe that their lot will be improved by one drastic action however unlikely and forbidden they will do it.

Dictators, Drug dealers, and Advertising executives learn this kind of thing in their cradles.

Personally; I find the idea of waking up in the gardens of paradise surrounded by seventy high spirited sexually naive young ladies frightening in the least!

Why would you want seventy virgins?

Of course I know the obvious answer, “so we can shag them” but think about it for a minute, why do you need seventy for a start?

Isn’t one or two enough?

I know I’m running all kinds of risks of looking feeble and impotent in the eyes of my fellow men here; but seventy virgins would put me off rather than turn me on!

It’s the sheer numbers, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll be pretty!

What if they’re 70 years old and they’re only virgins cos no-one else will have them!

You could awaken in the gardens of paradise after your great sacrifice; to find yourself surrounded by a horde of old boilers!

Surely this preoccupation with sexually naive women just goes to illustrate the Islamic male mindset, the reason why these men have a penchant for virgins is simply because a virgin won’t have anything to compare him with, and so will not realize what a crap shag he is!


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