Saturday, April 01, 2006

We owe it to the Iraqi's

I’ve really got to say; that if you don’t already read it; then you must read Baghdad Burning ‘it has to be about the best blog on the web! Particularly for us insular insulated westerners; who only know of Iraq what we see presented to us from our sanitized and censored TV

, there is this feeling (not just about Iraq but about all foreign wars and incidents that we see reported on the television news and in the mainstream papers) that It’s happening somewhere else, (of course it is) but almost another planet, the people dress differently, the landscape looks different, their language is strange, all these things conspire to make us feel somehow disconnected from the incidents, as if these people aren’t like us, as if they are not really to do with us; not our problem somehow.

And this is exactly where personal blogs like Riverbend’s ‘Baghdad Burning’ comes in, she shows us that Iraqi people are exactly like us, she is a normal suburban citizen of Baghdad, trying to look after her family and survive in the mess that is Baghdad today, and it’s her eloquent and effective descriptions of the minutiae of their everyday lives coupled with their understandable fear as they try (with great courage) to live some semblance of normal lives that means it should be compulsory reading for all those in the west with any kind of influence in Iraq.


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