Sunday, April 02, 2006


Who do they think is going to buy Sellafield? Who in their right mind would want it? For years we’ve had to live nearby (less than 20 miles up the coast a large proportion of the town work there) it used to be called Winscale but got such a bad reputation that they had the brilliant idea of changing the name in the hope that people would think it was some other place than that leaky old embarrassment Winscale.

It sort of worked, but now that the environmental lobby has put the cat among the radiated seagulls with its ‘maybe-the-lesser-evil’ argument for nuclear power, if it weren’t for the medically proven clusters of diseases which seems to surround Winscale/Sellafield and any other nuclear power station for that matter, the whole thing would be funny

To the nimby’s who don’t want wind turbines on their horizon, come and live in the shadow of one of the worlds most dangerous nuclear facilities for a week or two and the see how you feel about your windmills.

Personally I actually like the look of the wind turbines I think they have a sculptural quality, which the hideous pylons (which no one seems to murmur about) completely lack, if ever there’s a blight on the English landscape it’s Pylons.


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